• Thyroid,Temperature and Blood Flow
  • Necessity of Bio-Identical Natural Hormone Replacement
  • Alzheimer’s disease and…
  • ADD or ADHD,Weight and Depression in Children   
  • Bedwetting   
  • Chronic Fatigue , Brain Fog
  • Weight Control  
  • Low Dose Naltrexone
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen



Let’s start with YOU before you go for helping your loved ones with the problems I’ve listed above. The two biggest issues we address are:  getting your temperature up to as near normal as we can (reasons below) and secondly provide you with balanced youthful effective levels of natural hormones

You need Bio-identical (natural hormone) replacement now, 24/7 and you need to be in the hands of an experienced practitioner.  That would be me. This is because the hormones must get to their desired targets:  the cells.  It is elementary, dear Watson, that the life and death of brain, heart, and all other cells require oxygen and fuel (sugar/glucose) to prevent cell death in the brain and preserve memory, clarity of thinking, decision making, and at least keep as many neurons (brain cells) as healthy (and alive) as possible, before the nefarious processes of Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s Disease and other heartbreaking, family-destroying conditions  from progressing. Of course, simple aging uses a gradual die-off, which also can be slowed with an adequate blood supply of free thyroid (T3) and a few other hormonal regulators, e.g. cortisol, Oxytocin Blood flow has been cited as a big factor in predicting who has a higher risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Studies using a simple instrument, a Doppler (non-invasive ultrasound device) compared the blood flow at the arm with that of the ankle.  This is called the ankle-brachial index.  The results showed a clear predictive correlation of the predictive propensity of Alzheimer’s.  The same thing can be done with an over-the -counter temporal artery thermometer, which we use in our office to objectively measure circulation (blood flow), noting the position or location of the body where the temperature is much cooler than at the forehead.  Particularly helpful is measuring the temperature of the big toe or middle fingertip with how far up the inner calf or thigh  (or forearm using the fingertip) we have to go before the temperature becomes near equal to that of the forehead.  When on subsequent visits, we measure again the distances.  If our treatment is working, then the temperature difference will have nearly disappeared, indicating more blood is being delivered, and our thyroid management is successful.  If not, then adjustments must continue to be made, using all our knowledge, experience and feedback from our patients, who, by the way, are our greatest teachers!

The thyroid gland produces several hormones.  Only one is known to be active (T3), although there is growing evidence that T2 may play a role in controlling excessive water-weight. These hormones are not contained in T4 prescriptions like Synthroid and Levoxyl (levothyroxine), which commonly correct abnormal blood test results but have a poor record for significantly heating you up or giving the optimal physical results that we are looking for in our patients.

We have been following the work and implementing the concepts of great physicians who practiced the art of medicine.  This entailed a great amount of listening to the patient and examining the patient, using trained skills of observation.  Then, using years of experience, an assessment was made, and a plan of action was developed and given to the patient. In addition, we commonly look for a cause of the dysfunction.  For example, we commonly find antibodies to various pathological conditions.  We find the antibodies in many other autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus (see www.roadback.org).  There is mounting suspicion that infection may play a role in the destructive process in Alzheimer’s disease.  So, even if we are not certain of that infection is causing the pathology, we explain the possibility with the patients, and negotiate whether they want treatment of the possible underlying cause while we try to get him/her well. We always try to give your body the best chance of success by also giving suggestions for diet and gut issues gluten etc. We also need to give, when possible, ways to keep your body in the proper alkaline state e.g. Celtic Sea Salt inclusion in the program, alkalizing anti-acid food suggestions etc.

Broda Barnes, M.D., who might be called the Father of American Thyroidology, observed that people with low morning (basal) body temperatures most often had low thyroid function. Dr. Denis Wilson’s work on the use of sustained release T3 has to be mentioned here because using only natural desiccated thyroid, for some, isn’t optimal. These patients sometimes need extra T3. Low thyroid function has far reaching effects on the body besides its huge effect on the body’s temperature. Because blood flows more slowly under cooler conditions. Then one would expect the brain cells to get lower amounts of vital elements needed to function:  Oxygen, glucose (fuel), anti-oxidants to reduce free radicals, and hormones (Bio-Identical, of course) to fortify the muscles in the blood vessels and maintain the protective myelin sheath that line nerve cells. (Google Cerebral Blood Flow or go to Pub Med to find many references).  In the near future see “Topics:  Testosterone, Progesterone, and Estrogen).  Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone are also vitally important as they are protective of the blood brain barrier in keeping toxic agents from entering the brain and also preventing brain shrinkage (dehydration) of the brain by blocking the destruction of a critical ­compound:  acetylcholine. Bottom line:  Raise your temperature; raise your health!  Note that low glucose (as well as low temperature) in the brain have been shown to increase the tau protein formation in the neuronal “tangles” in Alzheimer’s disease).

Does it not seem reasonable to maximize thyroid and adrenal function to avoid deficiencies of these basic needs of good blood delivery?

It also brings into question about our current use of medications to lower a person’s blood pressure with out considering the individual’s  “body wisdom”, since blood flow requires a certain pressure to be effective in perfusing an individual’s tissues.  Of course, the “one size fits all” tenet  that every adult should have a blood pressure of 115/75 needs a serious modification/retraction.

Our office practice addresses the importance of having hormones optimized, and that is much of what we do.  We try and optimize these hormone functions of muscles and connective tissues so you can continue to walk and move, control your bladder and other important functions,

And, perhaps most importantly, intervene before dementia or Alzheimer’s disease gets a foothold.  Even if the dementia or memory impairment has begun, it is reasonable to believe that the basic needs of the brain cells must continuously be in place before any disease-altering drug’s benefits could be expected.